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Per Eide and Ola Wakløv


from Norwegian by William Mulholland

PER EIDE (b. 1954) grew up in Sunnmøre, and is regarded as one of Norway’s finest and most versatile photographers. He has won Norwegian and Nordic championships in underwater photography several years in a row, has held a dozen individual exhibitions, and his work has been bought by galleries at home and abroad. Eide is responsible for the selection of photographs in this book. He has taken most of the pictures himself and has selected the rest from historical archives and from his most proficient colleagues.

OLA WAKLØV (b. 1963) grew up near Lake Mjøsa, but he now lives on a small island in one of Norway’s most beautiful fjords. In contrast to Eide he stopped scuba-diving early in the 1990s after an encounter with an amorous seal at a depth of 18 metres. Since the 1990s Wakløv has published a large number of books, and he has written the texts in the present book.

The photographer and author would particularly like to thank the coastline designer Slartibartfast, who according to that most reliable source of information, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, designed the fjord landscape along the coast of Norway. He won a prestigious prize for design for this work, and stated in that connection that “[fjords give] a lovely baroque feel to a continent”.

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NORWAY – NATURAL BEAUTY takes you on an unforgettable tour of the land of the Norse sagas on the roof of Europe. Throughout changing seasons Mother Nature paints magnificent landscapes and unparalleled natural surroundings with the vast array of hues on her well-stocked palette.

The Northern Lights dancing across the heavens, the midnight sun, crystal-clear mountain air and the menacing blackness of an approaching storm have all provided inspiration to Norway’s foremost nature photographers in their efforts to depict their country in this book.

The text and the extensive pictorial material will give you a gripping insight into Norwegian nature, culture and history. The abundant factual information, maps and exhaustive comments on the pictorial material will ensure that your attention and imagination will be stimulated and spellbound as you proceed on your voyage of discovery. This book is published in six languages, Norwegian, English, German, Russian, French and Spanish.

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NORWAY – NATURAL BEAUTY has been set in a Bembo type, an Antiqua typeface named after the Italian cardinal and author Pietro Bembo (1470–1547). When one of the most renowned printers of the Italian Renaissance, Aldus Manutius, was going to print his work de Aetna in 1496, he adopted a new typeface developed by Francesco Griffo. He was one of the first to gradually leave the more complex calligraphic style, and he developed the simpler, more stylized typeface we know and use today. In 1929 Stanley Morison was inspired by Francesco Griffo’s mode of expression when he developed the Bembo typeface, a beautiful, timeless font that is often used in books.

Graphic design and cover: Mona Dahl
Repro: Iris Assistanse as
Paper: 150 g Gallerie Art Silk
Printing and binding: Preses Nams

Published: March 2006
ISBN: 9788281690059
Ib. kr. 299,-