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Robert Ferguson


ROBERT FERGUSON (born 1948), English author and translator. After having studied Scandinavian literature at the University College in London, Ferguson settled in Norway. He has written biographies of Knut Hamsun (1987), Henry Miller (1991) and Henrik Ibsen (1996), and has twice recieved the BBC/Methuen Award for Best Radio Drama. Among others he has translated the Norwegian writers Frode Grytten and Knut Hamsun into English, and published the novels Siste kjærlighet/"Last Love" (2002) and Fleetwood (2004). His latest work is the monumental The Hammer and the Cross: A New History of the Vikings (2009).


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THE VIKING AGE (800-1050), generic term for a period when traders, warriors, emigrants and discoverers from southern Scandinavia spread to the coasts of England and France, through Eastern Europe to Constantinople, and westwards to Iceland, Greenland and North America.

Published: May 2012
ISBN: 9788281691049
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